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The founders of Exclusive Ore Inc. have been at the forefront in data mining and applying artificial intelligence to database problems. In addition, they have built and marketed commercially successful systems software, created applications, and managed and analyzed large databases for major corporations and government organizations.

[Rob] Rob Gerritsen, President of Exclusive Ore Inc., has over 35 years experience in data processing, with more than 31 years in database management and data mining. Since founding Exclusive Ore in 1997, Dr. Gerritsen has focused on data mining consulting and technology, including research into effective integration of data mining technologies and RDBMS. In 1973 he was the first person to successfully apply the tools of artificial intelligence to database design. His contributions span the spectrum from the application of AI to the theory of database design. He is also a skilled implementer of database system software as well as practical and award-winning applications of database systems. He was most recently Vice President of Technology at Two Crows Corporation, where he co-authored a hands-on study of more than 15 data mining products. Prior positions include President of Seed Software, Inc. and Associate Professor at The Wharton School. He has also held positions at Xerox and Informatics. His articles have been published in Communications of the ACM and DBMS Magazine. He has also written an SQL Tutorial, available for download in postscript format or in MS Word format. He co-designed and co-implemented the award winning client-server application, Leonardo, at the National Gallery of Art. He has a Ph.D. in System Science from Carnegie-Mellon University.

Send e-mail to Rob (rob@xore.com).

[Estelle] Estelle Brand is Vice President of Exclusive Ore Inc. Her career in consulting, information services and software has focused exclusively in database systems and data mining. As co-founder of Exclusive Ore she has successfully delivered data mining solutions in a wide variety of industries including finance, retail and telecommunications. She was Vice President of Professional Services at Two Crows Corporation, where she co-authored a hands-on study of more than 15 data mining products. Other recent efforts have been in the design and development of large-scale client-server applications including the award-winning Leonardo application for the National Gallery of Art. She has been published in DBMS Magazine. Ms. Brand has previously held senior level management positions with On-Line Systems, Inc., SEED Software, and United Telecommunications, Inc., where she managed technical professionals engaged in the design and development of custom on-line management information systems. She has a BA in Mathematics, Summa Cum Laude, from Temple University.

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